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Moist Heat Compress for Styes - One eye only

Moist Heat Compress for Styes - One eye only
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Model: Moist Heat Compress for Stye Treatment
Provider: Richmond Products

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These Moist Heat Compresses for one eye can be used to treat styes. This is a single sided compress with strap to treat styes. The compresses use patented technology involving MediBeads® which continuously absorb and store water molecules from the air. When microwaved, the clean, natural moist hear penetrates to help unplug the glands. No added water required. Compresses are gently washable and non-allergenic. They can be used in the office or re-sold to the patient for on-going treatment. Disposable pads which are cut in half, can be used to maintain hygienic conditions.

RP# 6747-3, 6743-10

GL# 674703, 674710

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