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Random Dot E Stereo Test

Random Dot E Stereo Test
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Model: Random Dot E Tests
Provider: Richmond Products

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Random Dot E Depth Perception Screener for early non-readers and non-verbal children. Includes both Adult and Pediatric polarized glasses. Tests for 500 to 52 seconds of arc by variations in the testing distance. Available for standard acuity (20/90 minimum) or new Low Vision Random Dot E version permits resolution to 20/200 acuity.

Both kits include Sample ‘E’ for training purposes. 

See ‘Technical Data’ tab to download Technical Bulletin or Product Instructions. 

Random Dot E provides reliable suppression testing for very young children.


RP# 5278xx, 5300xx

GL# 527800 


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Random Dot E Stereo Test
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